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REEK Logistics Automation

We always provide customers with good products and technical support, and sound after-sales service.

Our company mainly deals in the research and development, assembly and sales of logistics equipment;

  Software development, sales; self-operated and agent import and export business of goods and technology,

we have good products and professional sales and technical teams.

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In a continuous manner along a certain route from the loading point to
The unloading point transports the bulk equipment and the mechanical equipment of the finished goods.


Random, different categories, different destinations,
A material handling system that is classified according to its requirements.


Continuously transporting materials vertically, at different heights
Continuous conveyors maintain uninterrupted material handling.

After sales service

With domestic service centers in Kunshan, Malaysia, India, Denmark, Sweden and Italy, our professional after-sales service team provides you with lifetime support and services.

From hotline support, spare parts management, preventive maintenance, operational support to system expansion and upgrades, we offer customized after-sales solutions.



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